FMNZ Vision

Vision         Our vision is to… develop a national network of around 50 authentic Farmers Markets, drawn together by a shared passion for and commitment to fresh, locally produced, authentic food direct to consumers.                       

For FMNZ specifically, this means: 

·         Working towards certification - showing each market does indeed meet the definition and standards of a “Farmers Market”. 

·         Being a source for member Markets looking for quality help, information, resources, advice etc. 

·         FMNZ being established on a professional footing – with a paid coordinator (in time), and paid contractors delivering specific project outcomes. 

·         FMNZ taking on the overall role of PR and marketing the “Farmers Market movement” – but this does not in any way negate the local efforts to promote a specific market. 

·                                             FMNZ taking on national responsibilities around internal communication (across the network), liaising with Economic development Agencies, funding sources and national organisations with like interests.