John Stanley Workshop FMNZ Milestone 2

Hawkes Bay 26 Th November 2008

The room was a buzz with market representatives from the Sunny Hawkes Bay region and there was a real sense of “what can we do to make our market better” by the time lunch was called.  With so much experience in the room it was clear that the East Coast of the North Island had thriving and bustling markets in there home towns and the question on everybody’s lips was “ what is your lipstick” – what brings people to your market ? and how do we continue to deliver the Farmers’ Market message to all as we head into the year 2009.  Relooking at what we are doing and this is the way we do business around here featured high on the lists of things to do as the afternoon progressed and there was a real positive feel to the workshop that left all attendees armed with new and cost effective marketing tools to take back to there farmers’ markets.


Three things that we need to do over the next five years to secure FM’s in the Hawkes Bay region

  Hawkes Bay Farmers’ Market - Strategy and rules, positive and affective team effort, survey our stallholders database for growth and development individual

Gisborne Farmers’ Market – Reinvent themselves, locality, farmers markets bus

Hawkes bay Farmers’ Market – Kids fun thing to do, growers to have a photo library of products, road gallery, monthly cookbook

Hawkes bay Farmers’ Market - strategic not by accident – use delights strategy, signage, implement of king

Commitment to communicate a clear business strategy, environment and wellbeing, thinking outside the square

Feilding Farmers’ Market - Image and perception of arrival at market, having a strategy plan, passion, stallholder and customer surveys, permission marketing, council work with

Wairapa Farmers’ Market – encourage people to create there own culture, plan and create the journey

Family business – seven steps of changes, family pride of product, loyalty strategy, tell our story stronger